Daisy – day’s eye

I was once like you, a trainee who experienced struggles, time management issues, drawbacks in setting priorities, domestic problems, and financial difficulties. Having completed the training with flying colors, I can say to myself that everything was worth it.

I gained new skills. Also, I realized I can do more. Now that I am more equipped, I was able to gather confidence to say “Yes” and team up with my friends. And so, DigitAlly Jade was born.

DigitAlly Jade is a team of three freelancers who decided to collaborate to empower the digitally-challenged individuals. I am with Jazz, a fellow Resource Person of DICT Training in Brooke’s Point-Palawan, and Mikki, PICTA’s Asst. Secretary and the hustler of the team. 


Now that you have graduated from this 3-week training, what now? WHAT’S NEXT?

Among the goals of the training is for graduates to pursue online freelancing. Now that you are equipped with the necessary skills and have built your online profiles, I encourage you to explore more. It could be full time or part-time, from a local client or the other parts of the world. This also opens an opportunity to build your own business and be an entrepreneur.  

Next Step Forward

For whatever path you choose, may I suggest four points;

  1. Invest in Yourself. Keep learning and be intentional about it. Take paid or free online courses. Attend related events, seminars, forums, and the like. Be alert on other programs of DICT, PICTA, Connected Women, DOST, PITBI, and others.
  2. Look for a Mentor. Experience is the best teacher. And so, your mentor’s experience plus their technical skills could give you a boost in learning. A mentor may be virtual and/or within your contact reach. Follow them on their social media sites, and websites. Read their blogs. Send them a message. They could be more than happy to coach you!
  3. Build a Relationship. This is related to expanding your connections. Do not just be content with seeing him/her and getting his/her business card. Build your rapport with them, especially your clients, mentors, and your co-freelancer and trainees. In everything you do, take the extra mile with an extra smile!
  4. Pay it Forward. As the saying goes “If you want to master something, a skill or a subject… TEACH!” Allow me to take this opportunity to thank all trainees who have started paying forward. Thank you to those who have extended their time, effort, and knowledge to help out their co-trainees with their tasks. Continue to be of help to others without expecting any in return. You are not too poor that you cannot give. I also assure you, you are not inadequate to help.

You have already started investing in yourself. Don’t stop now, because successful returns happen when you are least expecting it.

Thank you! I look forward to the days when you collaborate with DigitAlly Jade. See you later!

DJ Daisy is DICT’s Resource Person for its Rural Impact Source Technical Training on Virtual Assistance held in Puerto Princesa. This is the transcript of her speech, charging her students, on their graduation day.