As a Small Business Owner, you probably caught off guard and unprepared by this ongoing pandemic and is trying to survive. As a participant of Coursera and Northwestern University in Social Media Specialization, I want to share with you these two articles to encouraged you to take the leap to the digital sphere.

The first article is The #Digital2020 report for the Philippines by Simon Kemp from Datareportal . It’s a comprehensive look at the state of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and e-commerce in the Philippines. It was stated that with the country’s Total Population of 108.8M, 67% are using the internet and active in social media. 91% are searching online for a product or service to buy and the Sources on new brand discovery are now 50% both on television ads and social media.

Meanwhile, news from DTI with a headline DTI-EMB encourages entrepreneurs to “platformize” their businesses. The article is a call to all small business owners to begin their digital transformation to thrive and survive in this unprecedented uncertainty. It also highlights that using online platforms to promote their business can also reach not just local but global market as well.

Drawing to these two articles and my experience as a Social Media Manager, I have listed 3 action items recommended to let you get serious to put your business online.

  • Increase your Online Presence – Your market is always online and is looking for you, you should let them find you.
  • Make Use of Free Tools – These Tools and platforms that will help you to connect with customers, find new customers and sell.
  • Connect with your Market- An authentic conversation with them especially in these trying times could help them remember you when they are ready to buy.

The COVID crisis presents challenges and a huge uncertainty to small business but with the resilience of Filipino blood with a digitally empowered business, we know that there’s a marker on the road to recovery.

I’m Daisy Abela, a participant of Coursera and Northwestern University Social Media Specialization Course. I’m a freelancer with an interest in digital marketing. You may reach me at @abeladaisy