DJ Mikki

DIY Stylus

I got inspired by the digital artworks on Instagram. Most were done on computers and laptops, while some of them were created using smartphones and tablets. I have been wanting to explore creating digital art on my smartphone, but my stubby fingers get in the way. A stylus ad has been popping in my newsfeed. How timely. The pen looks fancy! The price, too — PHP 1000! Less expensive mini stylus pens (with rubber sponge tips) are being sold at…

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Empowering Women thru ICTS and the Internet

Theme: Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic, and Social Development ICTs and the Internet We are living in a fast-paced digital era where big data are being made available on the internet and technologies being developed to improve the quality of life. ICTs have provided people channels for further or in-depth learning, connecting people, leveraging management efforts, and self-expression (to some extent, asserting rights and promoting services and businesses). I remember back then when I told myself “Why go to…

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